We will always put our client first.


  • We always seek to reach an amicable solution for our clients in the most cost-effective manner. We negotiate on behalf of our clients, aiming at an out-of-Court settlement, always protecting our clients’ interests, in order to avoid lengthy and costly litigation. 

  • We act as arbitrators in relevant proceedings complying with the Laws and Regulations applicable.


We advise and assist clients in all aspects revolving around the banking and finance sector.

Our services include, inter alia:

  • The drafting of all agreements - loan agreements, security agreements, pledge agreements, guarantees, floating and fixed charges

  • Advise on mortgage documentation - for banks and other financial/credit institutions

  • Legal assistance in loan restructuring and other financial transactions

  • Drafting of legal opinions regarding complex matters / legal issues that arise within the financial sector

  • Drafting of all required documentation in a time efficient manner.


The capital markets practice of our firm covers the full range of capital markets products and specializes in debt and equity capital markets, derivatives and structured finance, securitization, corporate trust and agency.

The key to our success in this field is our analytical rigour, and expertise noting that most of the cases we work on in this area are unprecedented in Cyprus and our clients and overseas counsels therefore rely on our vast experience, know - how and technical expertise to apply untested areas of Cyprus law to the case at hand.

  • Drafting of legal opinions on all matters relating to the Cyprus Company Law - Cap. 113. 

  • Incorporation of any type of company. We conduct the issuance of all certificates required in the Companies Registrar. 

  • Dealing with any issues arising with the companies at both a domestic and international level, including, inter alia, legal claims for liquidation / winding up of companies.

  • Our affiliated company A. P. L. Services Ltd offers fiduciary services which include inter alia the incorporation, administration of companies, opening of bank accounts, acting as professional director, providing secretarial services, trust services and provide for escrow services.

  • We offer office space for rent in order to assist companies to create a real presence in Cyprus which is a growing concern for our clients.


We assist clients in any matter arising in the course of their employment, both from employer and employee perspective. We assist clients in the drafting of employment contracts and also represent them before the Court or relevant authorities in resolving any issue/controversy that may arise.


We also provide advice, and have extensive knowledge on accidents occurring during the course of employment and liabilities  which may arise out of accidents. Moreover, we advise on all matters relating to employers’ and employees’ liabilities and also undertake the negotiation proceedings regarding claims for compensation for pain and suffering / loss of amenities / personal injury claim as well as unfair dismissal claims. 


Having extensive knowledge of the Laws governing the insurance sector in Cyprus, our firm provides clients with legal advice on any matter revolving around this area, be it review of contracts, advice on the validity of insurance contracts, assistance in relevant compensation claims and many more.  We negotiate on behalf of our clients and also represent clients before the Cypriot Courts in any matter relating to such claims. This area of law encompasses a very broad range of services that our law firm provides to clients. 


We make sure that the Intellectual Property Rights of our clients are always protected. Our services include the registration of trademarks, designs, patents and trade names and many more. We also represent clients before the Cypriot Courts for any trademark litigation action and also undertake the review of relevant agreements. 


Our Firm assists clients in all aspects of Immigration Law enforceable in Cyprus. We supervise and assist clients in the procedures for employment visas, immigration permits, residence permits and many more.


Also, we undertake to complete all necessary documentation, in a fast way, according to the relevant procedure for the EU Citizenship programme, aiming to eliminate the paperwork nuisance of the client. 


We represent clients before any Court or Tribunal of Cyprus. Our services include, inter alia:

  • Drafting all necessary documentation

  • Drafting and filing legal actions

  • Submission of pleadings and all applications available to assist the fastest course of the case

  • Handling Court applications as well as applications for interim orders and represent clients at Court hearings

  • We instigate proceedings for the liquidation / winding up of companies

  • Following the issuance of Court judgment, we undertake all necessary steps for the implementation of the judgment before the relevant authorities, such as the Land Registry or the Companies Registrar

M & A 

We can advise clients on the whole procedure from restructuring the company to preparing it for IPO to filings with the relevant regulatory authorities. We can represent buyers and sellers from all over the world, from entrepreneurial start-ups to large multinationals. Transactions include the purchase and disposals of companies and partnerships as well as the creation of joint ventures. We can provide tax saving solutions to sellers and to find the most tax efficient way for purchasers to make and leverage their acquisitions. We pride ourselves on providing clients with innovative practical solutions as well as legal acumen. We provide the full range of services for an M&A transaction and related work.


We undertake the drafting of contracts for the acquisition of immovable property and any type of contract regarding property, both on a residential and commercial level. 

Our primary goal is to ensure that our client is protected efficiently, whether a seller, a landlord or a tenant. We assist our clients in the procedure of buying, selling or re-mortgaging their property, making it a stress-free procedure. 


We provide tax planning advice as well as tax efficient structures, including the formation of a Cyprus Company or a Cyprus International Trust or Foundation, as well as advice on direct and indirect taxation.

Considering that Cyprus is an ideal base for corporate investment, we assist clients efficiently in all matters relating to income tax, corporate tax, international tax, property tax, trusts, capital projects and finance and also represent clients in Court regarding any tax litigation matter that may arise. 


We offer legal advice on clients in regards to structuring their wills in a tax effective manner, on an ad hoc basis based on each client’s particular needs.

We represent clients in probate proceedings before the Cypriot Courts and any other authority, as is necessary, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the will’s content.

We undertake the drafting of trusts and can act as trustees if needed, in order to effect the clients intentions.